Here i will discuss about resume examples with regard to many different employment scenarios. Before you begin writing or even bringing up-to-date your own resume, review the good examples for getting ideas for your own resume.

Resume Advice for the Class of 2012

Your resume is a tool to market yourself to get an interview with a potential employer. Your resume should list a summary of your qualifications for employment, education, experience, skills, and any other relevant information. That goes for anyone, but it especially goes for those in the Class of 2012. Follow these tips to create a successful resume that will gain the attention of employers:
  • Customize your resume for each job application. Pay attention to the words the company uses in the job posting, and incorporate those terms in your cover letter and resume. Highlight specific experience and skills in both your cover letter and resume as they pertain to each position for which you are applying.
  • Do not use a resume template. Create a resume that is unique to you and that looks Professional.
  • Include your name, address, email address, and only one phone number is necessary. Your contact information should not be in bold or in a larger font than the rest of your resume.
  • If you have significant work experience, you may wish to include a Summary of Qualifications at the top of your resume. Use four to six bullet points or phrases to Highlight skills that may be of interest to each specific potential employer.
  • Keep your resume clear and concise. Do not use verbose language to compensate for lack of experience. Emphasize the experience and skills you do have and keep your resume clear and straightforward.
  • A resume one to two pages in length is typically acceptable. If your resume can be well edited to one page, keep it one page in length. Do not embellish your resume for the sake of making it longer.
  • Your resume is to employers a representation of you. Make sure it is without typos and otherwise error-free.
  • List your work experience, internships, education, and any other credentials in reverse chronological order.
  • For each listing in the employment section, be sure to include the end result, skills, and accomplishments for each position you held. Do not just include your job duties. When explaining your job duties, use the present tense of verbs, and use active verbs.
  • In the education section, list the specific name of your degree. Include your grade point average only if it is 3.0 or higher. Include scholarships or awards toward the bottom of the page of your resume.
If you are serious about finding a full-time job, treat your job search like a full-time job. Put in the time to tailor your cover letter and resume to each position for which you apply. Contact people you would like to use as references in case employers ask you to provide references. Let the people you are listing as references know the types of jobs for which you are applying and that they may be contacted by potential employers. Get the word out you are looking for work.

Networking is another way to expand your job search. Treat your job search like a job and you are bound to get results.

About The Author: Kathy Kara writes for a variety of business and career coaching sites, including the Institute for Coaching.


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