Here i will discuss about resume examples with regard to many different employment scenarios. Before you begin writing or even bringing up-to-date your own resume, review the good examples for getting ideas for your own resume.

5 Tips for the Perfect Digital Resume

Nowadays virtually all employers request that resumes be submitted online, so it's essential to have a clean and easy to follow digital resume. A well organized and stand out digital resume can help you get that all important initial phone call, secure an interview and hopefully land your dream job.

Here are 5 tips for creating the perfect digital resume:

Use a Simple Layout
Don't go overboard on your resume's layout by making it overly complicated. Employers will likely have hundreds of resumes to get through, so make sure that yours is as easy to follow as possible by using a clean and simple layout. Look for resume samples online for inspiration and choose a model that is impressive in terms of its clarity.

Use Keywords
Adapt your resume to each job you apply to by using similar keywords that were featured in the job openings description and on the company's website. By mimicking what they're looking for and reflecting their company's language, you'll be demonstrating that you have both the skill set and the personality to make an excellent addition to their team.

Bold Standout Accomplishments
If you won an award at work, achieved an amazingly high GPA at college or have any other kind of impressive achievements listed on your resume, make sure you bold these standout accomplishments. The average human resource manager only spends a couple of seconds reviewing each resume they receive, so bold your accomplishments to ensure that you leave a lasting impression.

List Your Work Achievements First
Always list your work experience before your education achievements on your resume. Virtually all employers are more interested in what you've achieved in the work world than in what you did while in school. Of course, your degree will certainly help you land a position, but it's always a good idea to place significantly more emphasis on your work experience.

Include Related Links
As this is a digital resume, make the most of it by including related links to professional works or your online professional profile. For example, if you have an online portfolio or a professional website, you will definitely want to include a link to it from your resume. Moreover, include a link to any professional profiles you have online, as this will save your employer time when they search out your name (and believe me, they will!). Make sure that all everything which appears on the first couple pages of Google's results for your name is entirely positive, or you might have trouble landing a position.

The Importance of a Well Crafted Digital Resume
A digital resume can quite literally make or break your chances of getting hired so don't ruin your chances by not using the above suggestions to improve yours. Make your resume as impressive and easy to follow as you can and you'll likely be surprised at the high level of responses you receive. Good luck!

About the Author: Shannon recently graduated with a degree in finance. She currently works in Human Resources, but is looking to put her degree to better use in the near future.


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