Here i will discuss about resume examples with regard to many different employment scenarios. Before you begin writing or even bringing up-to-date your own resume, review the good examples for getting ideas for your own resume.

Student New Graduate Resume Tips

Resume is an important requirement for getting a right kind of job opportunity. It is a representation of the skills and educational qualifications of the candidate. It creates the image of the candidate. The employers look for the set of required skills and ability to handle the responsibilities in any suitable resume. Thus, it is necessary to present the professional and educational achievements in the best manner, as they have a vital role in getting the attention of employers.

Writing a resume is a difficult task for the new job-seekers. The fresh graduates or students have no experience of marketing their skills in the job market. Also, the professional language of the resume and style of writing are the most important factors, which many people are not aware of. The most important points about a resume are:
  • Type of the resume: A resume can be of different types. Most popular types are chronological resume and functional resume. Students or graduates should opt for the chronological resume, which highlights their recent achievements, in an attentive manner. Functional resume is for the candidates who want to emphasize the responsibilities handled by them, and not their job history. Some may use the combination of these two types.
  • The job profile: The important factor that determines the style of resume, is the nature of job that you are applying for. There are lot of job opportunities in every field. Every job profile requires different skills and qualifications. Therefore, a resume should be designed according to the type of vacancy.
  • Key points: Every resume should have the ability to grab the attention of the employers. It should have some highlights that will create an impressive image of the job-seeker. These points may represent your talent in specific branch or any achievement related to your field. These are called as key points in your resume.
  • Presentation skills: Though a person is well qualified and has a long list of educational achievements, it is necessary to present them in an attractive manner. A neatly written and to the point resume will always preferred by the companies. So, it is important to learn the presentation skills while writing a resume.
Thus, these are some characteristics of the resume. The students or fresh graduates may not have the work experience to mention on their resume. But, there are some tips, which may help them, to design a proper and professional representation of their knowledge. Following are some of the tips:
  1. Include the essentials about your identification and contact details: The resume should contain the complete details about your official identification and address. Do not forget to include residential phone numbers. In case of changes in any personal details, immediately update them on resume.
  2. Use simple and formal language: The language is a vital part of a resume. Therefore, mention your qualifications in the points. Do not use informal phrases, as they may create very casual and bad impression on the HR officers. Remember that a decent and grammatically correct language will be a plus point for you.
  3. Mention the recent activities first: A chronological system will help you to put your currently acquired skills on the top. Mention your technical details and educational qualifications on this basis. These relevant information will help you to get an appropriate job.
  4. Educational qualifications and other activities: A preference should be given to the related qualification and achievements. So, keep the list of your extra-curricular activities in the later part of the resume. Do not forget to mention any notable success in your hobbies and interests. However, be concise while mentioning these other achievements.
In this way, a student resume can be written. Because of fierce competition in the employment opportunities, a resume is the only tool that can help you to grab a deserving opportunity. Therefore, pay utmost attention to all aspects of your resume.

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